Warehouse expansion and new Board member

Romain Boulot, TinPro
Romain Boulot has joined the Board of Directors of TinPro (Source: TinPro)

TinPro, a Bulgarian ink and coatings manufacturer for the flexible packaging and tobacco printing industry announce a significant investment in its factory. The company has acquired 8,500 sqm of land next to current factory in order to expand its warehousing capacity and support its global business development plans.

This new investment comes after TinPro finalised its investment in a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility for solvent based Inks & Coatings in 2020. TinPro factory is operating 24/7 with fully automated processes, complying to highest health, safety and environmental standards. With the expansion of its facilities, the company will be able to streamline its operations and maximize storage space for raw materials and finished products. TinPro has been experiencing exponential growth in recent years, and this investment marks the next step in its journey towards achieving further success.


TinPro: Warehouse expansion and new Board member
Romain Boulot has joined the Board of Directors of TinPro
(Source: TinPro)

A new Board member

In addition, TinPro announce that Romain Boulot has joined its Board of Directors. Over the past 25 years, Romain Boulot has held various senior leadership positions at some global print industry. In his new role as a board member, Romain Boulot will help driving TinPro’s international business development, providing insights into new market opportunities.

About TinPro

TinPro is dedicated to the manufacturing of printing inks and coatings for the tobacco and flexible packaging industry. The company runs state-of-the-art art production lines provided with cutting edge technology to support its customers globally. TinPro Headquarters and manufacturing facility are located in Parvenets, Bulgaria, with offices in Austria and Romania.