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The modern way of checking gravure cylinders

For decades, the print-proof was the standard for the final inspection of gravure cylinders. Compared to repro and cylinder production, which has been modernised or even fully automated over the years, the print-proof remained a resource-intensive part. Therefore, the German gravure cylinder manufacturer 4Packaging has rethought the process.

With Warp4, 4Packaging has developed a modern and secure quality assurance process that integrates a variety of intelligent digital quality assurance solutions. This ensures that potential sources of error, which were previously only detectable in the proof, are eliminated before production. The most obvious change is the switch to visual cylinder inspection.


Fully integrated into the production process, almost 70% of the cylinders produced at 4Packaging have been inspected with Warp4 since July 2020. By using visual inspection, the focus is on the actual product, the gravure printing cylinder, and essential quality features can be checked more effectively. Warp4 creates a healthier workplace and protects the environment, as the inspection of gravure cylinders no longer requires solvents, inks or substrates. Therefore, the archiving of print-proofs is no longer needed.


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