Kaspar Walter / 4 Packaging

Pioneering new technology in gravure cylinder production

4 Packaging: Pioneering new technology in gravure cylinder production
Introduced by Kaspar Walter, new machine technology Q-Trac improves gravure cylinder production (Source: Kaspar Walter)

4Packaging, one of the leading German companies in gravure, embossing die production shares its recent collaboration with partner company Kaspar Walter through beta testing their new machine technology Q-Trac to improve gravure cylinder production.

Benefits of the new technology

By scanning the copper surface of gravure cylinders, this advanced machine is designed to identify any issues that could lead to internal wastage. Q-Trac is a beneficial cutting-edge solution for clients and the industry as a whole. Advantages include minimizes wastage, as early detection of defects in the copper surface ensures optimal cylinder production and reduces waste. Enhanced and consistently high-quality of the gravure cylinders is achieved by improved quality control measures. In addition, the streamlined processes to achieve with the Q-Trac technology allows for a more efficient production process, resulting in faster turnaround times.