70 years of Monomatic

New wide web applications and a jubilee birthday

DZ-type nonstop butt splicer (Quelle: Monomatic)

Monomatic reputation is now proven over the years with the numerous installations of butt splicers and nonstop rewinders integrated on flexo, gravure and offset printing presses, and converting lines (die cutting, coating, laminating). The tailor-made solutions exactly meet customers’ needs and offer optimized waste thanks to a splice release achieved at a pre-set remaining web length and in-register splicing at full production speed with an accuracy +/- 2 mm.

The DZ butt splicer offers innovative and easy-operating features such as the motorized web threading, a new patented splicing unit adapted to various materials, primarily paper and board, but also technical webs like composite materials, synthetic media, and nonwoven. Capitalizing on its know-how and its innovation capacity, Monomatic has focused its last development to solutions for wide web presses. Continuous improvements have been made on Monomatic nonstop rewinders, whether in shafted or in shaftless execution, in order to be able to reach even higher speeds (up to 3280 fpm), to wind even more complex products sensitive with luxury packaging, rigid and liquid packaging. Monomatic is able to provide a very precise web tension management for best process control, and to offer specific options (motorized lay-on rollers, bi-directional rewind directions, roll unloading devices) to ensure the quality of the final product.


Nonstop turret rewinder
(Source: Monomatic)

But the major development carried out in 2020 is the adaptation of the DZ butt splicer to wide web applications with a new shaftless model. This equipment brings together all the latest technologies developed by Monomatic, thus offering a reliable and robust butt splicer. The DZ is designed for roll diameters up to 2200 mm and web widths more than 3000 mm, offers a production and splicing speed even more than 600 m/min and is compatible for thin and thick materials. In addition, food-grade compliance is available.

(Source: Monomatic)
(Source: Monomatic)
Food packaging, Liquid packaging, luxury packaging, folding carton packaging, so many industries where Monomatic has become a major and essential player, with high-performance and customized solutions
(Source: Monomatic)

Aware that the current challenges require ever more automated solutions, Monomatic is also able to complement its offer with full automated solutions in order to facilitate operators’ work, optimize production times, and shorten downtimes. This includes roll conveyors, automatic roll loading, automatic web threading and automatic core removal.

1951 – 2021: Happy Birthday Monomatic!

In the early 1950s, Paul Charles Riegger took on challenges of non-stop systems by creating the company Monomatic. Based in Strasbourg at the Franco-German border in the Alsace region, Monomatic soon became a major player in the design and manufacture of non-stop unwinders and rewinders. Monomatic has always come up with original solutions that have been protected by number of patents in order to meet the quality and reliability requirements of an industry that uses leading-edge technology.

On the basis of its expertise and boosted by its integration into the NSC group in 1999, Monomatic continues to develop internationally, with exports now accounting for more than 80% of sales. The company is present in a number of markets and applications with products such as paper, cardboard, films (PVC, PET, BOPP, etc.), nonwoven materials, along with complex technical layers like glass-fibre, carbon fibre and synthetic media. Today, Monomatic has 60 employees and its yearly turnover is approximately 7 million Euro. Its machines are installed in production lines around the world, for example in China, Russia, Africa, and the USA.


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