Long New

New gravure press with cutting edge technologies

Gravure pess from Long New
The GPX high speed gravure press is provided with numerous innovations to make operations easier, faster and smarter (Source: Long New)

The printing and packaging market is set on its way to profound changes driven by customers’ expectation for faster time-to-market, less energy consumption with sustainable solutions. Against this background, Taiwanese engineering company Long New introduced the GPX high speed gravure press provided with numerous innovations to make the operation easier, faster and smarter.

Running up to 450 m/min, the GPX is featured with the newly designed drying and heat recovery system. This makes the press ideal for both solvent based and water based ink printing with energy saving up to 60%. Furthermore, customers can choose our cloud based intelligent platform to easily access to machine operation efficiency and real time monitor the status of key parts of the machine


The GPX is provided with a direct drive ELS system, shaftless unwind and rewind units, a new generation colour registration system which significantly reduces waste rates, and a fully automatic splicing system without human intervention. The driven inking roller device minimizes ink splash and enhances half tone printing effect and the. Finally, sleeve type impression rollers and multi-functional trolley for cylinder and ink tray largely increase productivity.