Gravure presses for a wide range of applications

Bobst: ERA Award 2022
Jonathan Giubilato (left), head of the gravure press product line, accepts the 2021 ERA Innovation Award in the category “Press improvements and optimisation of efficiency in printing with water-based inks” (Source: Bobst)

Bobst believes that it has an undisputed unique selling point in this market with the largest range of gravure presses for manufacturers of flexible packaging and folding cartons. The portfolio includes platform systems for a wide variety of press configurations. Each of these gravure platforms offers specific advantages: the RS 6003 and RS 5003 for printing flexible packaging, RS 4004 for flexible packaging and labels, MW for short-run packaging jobs, GP 500/700 for special applications, as well as the Lemanic Delta and Riviera for folding carton production.

The oneECG technology

The oneECG technology for printing with extended colour gamut and a fixed colour palette and noticeable improvements in printing with water-based inks are the latest developments from Bobst for this market. They aim to strengthen and expand the importance of the gravure process in the changing packaging world.


Bobst gravure press RS 6003
Fingerprinting with oneECG technology on an RS 6003 gravure press
(Source: Bobst)

With its exceptionally high print quality, the oneECG technology increases the competitiveness of the process even for short and very short runs as well as for customised print jobs. The combination of newly formulated water-based inks and the enhanced capabilities of Bobst’s presses has overcome limitations in printing like longer drying times, lower printing speeds and poorer product quality.

A wide range of applications

From a press perspective, Bobst’s current offering covers a wide range of different applications – from flexible packaging and beverages, labels and tobacco products, to specialities such as decorative printing for furniture and apparel, and security printing for stamps and banknotes. The various gravure platforms offer a wide range of different performance options, enabling customers to choose the most suitable press for their individual production requirements and investment budgets.

Recyclable substrates

Another hot topic is the printability of new recyclable substrates such as, among others, composites of monomaterials, compostable, biodegradable films and paper with new consumables. Bobst offers solutions for all production steps from files to finished products and can therefore guarantee quality results that have been extensively tested in its specialised facilities and laboratories.