„Active Pack“ for sustainable printing

Uteco: „Active Pack“ for sustainable printing
Active Pack focuses on reducing the environmental impact of printing processes (Source: Uteco)

From March 19th to 22nd, Confindustria Veneto Est presented the “Sustainability Week”, designed to foster dialogue and collaboration among businesses, schools, research centers, startups, and public administrations across the Venetian region. The overarching goal of this event is to systematically address sustainability across environmental, social, and economic dimensions, exchanging best practices, forging a common language, and igniting new partnerships.

Sustainability as a core value

For Uteco, sustainability is a core value. In addition to their everyday commitment to Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) principles, they continuously strive to pioneer technologies that are not only environmentally friendly but also enhance ergonomics and safety for the operator. On top their ESG technologies stands Active Pack, their cutting-edge patented concept of sustainable printing. Active Pack utilizes state-of-the-art technology to detect printing characteristics and adjust drying and inking system power accordingly while minimizing material waste at each startup. The result is a remarkable level of energy and material consumption reduction, with total savings soaring up to 300,000 Euros annually per press.


The Active Pack concept

Active Pack focuses on reducing environmental impact that consists of several technologies: Active Start, Active Ink, Active Dry. Active Pack enables savings up to 300k EUR per year for energy consumption and consumable material.

  • Active Start is a technology for job start-up. With Active Start it takes less than 3 minutes for automatic pressure and register setting, generating less than 8 meters of material waste at each startup.
  • Active Ink complements Active Pack by allowing pumping cycles to be adjusted according to the printing characteristics identified by Active Start enabling the reduction of solvent consumption by up to 40%.
  • Active Dry carries out the function of optimizing energy consumption in the drying phase. The drying power is adjusted according to the printing characteristics (ink coverage) previously identified by Active Start. Active Dry enables saving up to 50% in energy consumption during drying phase.

The new Active Dry-T also manages to identify the ideal tunnel drying temperature by collecting information derived from the print set-up process, such as substrate type, thickness and width.

Confindustria Veneto Est

The Sustainability Awareness Project, promoted by Confindustria Veneto Est, has so far involved 65 companies from different sectors of the Veneto economy. It is organised in operational sub-groups with the aim of raising awareness among entrepreneurs of environmentally friendly business models, monitoring the progress of activities and sharing new initiatives.