Printers can use the advantages of laser engraving in the future without additional expense

4P creates standard for laser-engraved gravure cylinders

Unique is the automated premium preparation of laser-engraved cylinders (Source: Hell Gravure Systems)

4Packaging, a pioneer in laser engraving and an expert in printing technology implementation, has succeeded in harmonising the printing characteristics of classically engraved and laser-engraved cylinders and thus standardising laser engraving. In future, the printer will be able to run individual cylinders from the colour set or a complete colour set with laser-engraved cylinders without additional fingerprinting.

 Laser-engraved rotogravure cylinders impress with sharp-edged text. The smoother ink-layer leads to a high-quality ink application, and half-tones are reproduced with greater nuance and contrast. These are all reasons why laser-engraved cylinders are increasingly in demand for high-quality packaging. 4Packaging has now developed a process that greatly simplifies the conversion to laser-engraved cylinders for the printer.


4P has been producing laser-engraved gravure cylinders for 15 years and is thus a pioneer in laser engraving. The premium preparation of laser-engraved cylinders used at 4P deserves special mention. The fully automated line is unique in this way and creates the prerequisite for perfect reproducibility.

As a pioneer in laser engraving, 4P is equipped with 3 Cellaxy
(Source: Hell Gravure Systems)

The many years of experience in the use of laser-engraved cylinders as well as the comprehensive know-how in printing technology implementation now enable 4P to match the printing characteristics of classically engraved and laser-engraved cylinders and thus standardise laser engraving. The previously required additional fingerprint for laser-engraved cylinders is no longer necessary!

The proof of success was recently provided for several packaging jobs. Previously, these jobs were based on classically engraved cylinders. Now 4P supplied one set each of laser-engraved half-tone and linework cylinders. The standard ink formulations for classically engraved cylinders were used for printing. The result showed identical LAB and density values for all tonal values.

In the run-up, 4P had adapted the laser engraving to the classic engraving in terms of printing technology. For this purpose, a customer-independent adaptation was developed for each screen and screen angle. The customer-specific print adaptation was only carried out during laser engraving by means of the usual helio-gradation, which is also used identically in classic engraving.

Thanks to the newly developed standardisation, the printer can now use the advantages of laser engraving more easily, as the same fingerprint is used as for classically engraved cylinders. The standard ink formulation remains unchanged. The printer can now run individual cylinders from the colour set or the complete set of laser-engraved cylinders.

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