The use of GMG ColorCard at Siegwerk to produce digital ink drawdowns

The use of GMG ColorCard at Siegwerk to produce digital ink drawdowns
Digitally-created ink drawdowns produced at Siegwerk using GMG ColorCard (Source: GMG)

Siegwerk, a sixth-generation family-owned company, is one of the leading international manufacturers of printing inks, coatings and individual solutions for packaging, labels, and catalogs. The fact that innovative processes are part of the company’s success story is also reflected in the decision to switch from analog to digitally-created ink drawdowns with GMG ColorCard.

Its precision, that counts

When looking at the work done in the colour department it becomes clear that precision counts above everything else. The team of colourists creates recipes for brand and spot colours that must correspond exactly to the respective specifications. A trained eye is just as much part of the basic equipment as digital measurement technology. Colour cards are the binding reference for inks developed by Siegwerk as they accompany the job on the printing press and are the agreed target to match between clients and printers.


The technical implementation

The technical implementation itself is comparatively simple. The hardware, such as printers and computers, are often already available, and the software is straight- forward to use thanks to its intuitive user interface. The data of existing ink recipes is imported, the substrate is selected, and the appropriate layout is chosen. Of particular interest here is the possibility of depicting defined tolerances in addition to the actual reference colour.

Part of the sustainable strategy

At Siegwerk, the introduction of GMG ColorCard is also part of a global sustainability strategy to increase resource efficiency and sustainability. Reducing waste is a huge topic in all business areas. Therefore, the aim is to switch to digitally-created colour cards at other locations too and to offer customers the advantages of GMG ColorCard. The digital solution is currently being implemented in Great Britain, with other Siegwerk locations to follow. They are all eagerly following the developments, receiving regular updates and reports.