Kaspar Walter

Precise thickness measurement of chromium(III) layers

Kaspar Walter: MicroMet
MicroMet - The new chromium layer thickness gauge from Kaspar Walter (Source: Kaspar Walter)

The new MicroMet meets the new challenges posed by the gradual replacement of chromium(VI) by the more environmentally friendly and non-toxic chromium(III).

It is specifically designed for high-precision measurement of chrome layers on the underlying copper. For the first time, both deposited chromium(VI) and chromium(III) layer thicknesses can be measured, making the new MicroMet generation HelioChrome NEO ready.


Intuitive operator guidance, high measuring accuracy and reliability with extremely short measuring times are also a matter of course in this new generation of measuring instruments. Users all over the world can also choose from a wide range of languages in the device menu.

HelioChrome NEO

HelioChrome NEO is an alternative developed by Kaspar Walter that has now reached market maturity and is intended to replace chromium trioxide with chromium (III) in the galvanic process of gravure cylinder preparation. With a Vickers hardness of about 1200 HV, this environmentally compatible technology can be used to achieve cylinder surfaces of equal quality compared to classic chrome plating with chromium (VI). Moreover, in principle there are no changes in the overall preparation process.