New NC-based flexible packaging ink

New NC-based flexible packaging ink
Siegwerk is now offering a new generation of NC inks for flexible packaging applications (Source: Siegwerk)

For the new generation of nitrocellulose (NC) inks, Siegwerk optimized the formulation to match both the latest production technologies and current market trends. The new NC ink series includes colours and clears, and is designed for gravure and flexo printing of all kinds of flexible packaging. According to the manufacturer, the system’s versatility and flexibility make it an all-purpose solution for surface and reverse printing with lamination applications.

“Compared to previous generations, our new series offers an extended functionality, an outstanding quality consistency and optimized rheological properties, significantly improving print results and efficiency,” says Björn Ewig, head of technology, Flexible Packaging EMEA, Siegwerk.


Higher flexibility through optimized performance

Siegwerk’s new NC product offers customers a higher flexibility through optimized technical performance and higher colour strength, allowing an even better tailoring to individual needs. Due to the high-quality consistency through fully automated production and optimized process data control, the new system also supports customers in implementing new production processes such as Extended Colour Gamut printing (7-colour set printing) to make the printing process more efficient and resource-saving.

With the new NC ink generation, Siegwerk has now launched the first flexible packaging ink system manufactured at the fully automated production facility in Siegburg. All components of this new generation of NC inks – masterbatches, master compounds (technical varnishes) and blending varnishes – are manufactured with the newest production technologies along with an improved process data control, less material waste, lower loss of solvents and a sustainable sourcing of raw materials. Going forward, the company will gradually convert the production of all its flexible packaging solutions to the automated process. Moreover, the new automated setup supports a safer and cleaner production, fully in line with Siegwerk’s sustainability agenda.