Drupa 2024: Bobst

Networking, digitalisation and automation

Bobst: Networking, digitalisation and automation
Easier operation and a higher degree of digitalisation are part of the transformation of the printing industry (Source: Bobst)

Until now, the value chain in all segments of the packaging industry – labels, flexible packaging, folding cartons and corrugated packaging – has been highly fragmented, leading to many errors and high levels of waste.

Set out in 2020, the Bobst industry vision of “Shaping the future of the packaging world”, is supporting this transformation by moving the industry from a mechanical to a digital world and from manufacturing machines to process solutions along the entire workflow. It is characterised by networking, digitalisation, automation and sustainability. The aim of this vision is a shift from a mechanical to a digital world and the transition from mere production machines to process solutions that cover the entire work process. Together with its customers, Bobst aims to transform the packaging value chain from a series of isolated islands to end-to-end networked solutions that provide a complete overview of the entire process. At the heart of this transformation is Bobst Connect, a cloud-based digital platform for packaging productivity.


Networking the value chain

Bobst Connect combines data and digital services on a fully networked platform to provide an overview of the production process and its control. It is continuously evolving to meet both current and future customer requirements.

This will transform the industry in each of its segments through the introduction of end-to-end, connected work processes and continuous innovation in an ever-changing market environment. This creates the conditions for responding to the challenges faced by brand manufacturers, retailers and online retailers with the help of flexible and agile workflows.

Communication between machines and tools

Eventually, all machines and tools will “talk” to each other, seamlessly transferring data via a cloud-based platform that controls the entire production process with quality control systems. This is already evident in the growing interest in the use of PDFs to twin PDFs, job recipes, machine learning, artificial intelligence and the consistent use of the best information throughout the production process. Companies that adopt this approach will be able to make more informed, timely decisions, thereby increasing productivity, improving efficiency and reducing waste.

In 2024, Bobst will offer a new Application Management service – a practical, innovative consultancy service tailored to the needs of packaging manufacturers and brand owners. It will provide customers with advice on technologies, raw materials, processes and business models.

Visit Bobst at Drupa 2024: Halle 10, Booth 30-1 – B30-3