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Jörg Günther retired after 38 years of service

Jörg Günther retired after 38 years of service
Jörg Günther changed into his well-deserved retirement after 38 years of service for Sächsische Walzengravur (Source: Sächsische Walzengravur)

On 31 August 2023, Jörg Günther, the long-standing managing director of the German manufacturer of printing formes and embossing cylinders, retired. With 38 years of service, he was associated with the development of Sächsische Walzengravur (SWG) like no other. The staff as well as the customers would like to thank him for his commitment.

Responsibility in hard times of change

Jörg Günther has steered SWG’s fortunes since 1990. After his election as managing director by the staff at the time, he took on this function during the difficult transition period from a socialist planned economy to a market economy. After privatisation, the new shareholders also placed their trust in him. Like the former managing director Volkmar Zschage, he was thus able to rely on the legitimacy of the employees and owners, which meant motivation, trust and commitment.


His work at SWG began in the technical area, but his skills in sales and customer service quickly became apparent. After almost 85 percent of all customers disappeared in one fell swoop with the German reunification in 1990, market development was his top priority. Hundreds of thousands of kilometres travelled and countless trade fairs and customer meetings created the basis for the steadily growing customer base. The good reputation that the company enjoys today in the gravure, flexo and screen printing industry is mainly due to the products offered – but also to Jörg Günther’s tireless commitment.

A well ordered state of affairs

But even after his departure, his field is well cultivated, as other account managers have been established in the meantime. Not only to maintain the business relationships, but to expand them even further and thus contribute to securing SWG’s successful future. For the customers, all the prerequisites are thus in place to continue their trust in the company and to challenge and promote it with interesting projects, fascinating designs and complex tasks in mutual interest.