Janoschka is developing innovative finishing solutions for packaging with moving patterns.

Japris – Countless designs for a unique effect

Janoschka is developing innovative finishing solutions for packaging with moving patterns (Quelle: Janoschka)

Global prepress expert Janoschka has added Japris, another innovative product, to its portfolio. The ‘Janoschka Prismatic Effect Cylinder’ enables a new generation of finishing solutions for packaging. Moving 2D patterns lend a premium look to packaging and attract the consumer’s attention.

Japris enables finishing solutions for packaging at the highest level. The special preparation of the design data and gravure printing cylinder during the prepress process enable the reproduction of ‘movable’ patterns or metallic effects, adding a dynamic, two-dimensional look to the packaging. With Japris, products are sure to catch the eye at the point of sale. Light reflection, luminosity and the impression of movement lend an interactive touch to the packaging. Personalised design ideas or approved patterns can be realised at any time.


Its special security mark means that Japris can also be deployed to combat product piracy.

The effect is created inline and can be transferred directly onto the desired substrate on any standard printing press via the special gravure cylinder. Additional post-print finishing processes are not required, and there are no additional processing costs, waste or complexity. Japris adds the finishing touch to existing embossing designs, UV structures and other decorative effects. Japris is compatible with countless plastic films and various types of cardboard, as well as laminated cardboard. It can therefore be used in the FMCG sector (flexible packaging for food/non-food), as well as in the tobacco industry.

“Our power of innovation and our expertise are clearly reflected in the speed with which we were able to make Japris market-ready, having already successfully implemented it within the tobacco business unit. JAPRIS designs for Tobacco brands, for example JTI, were developed jointly and are already available on the shelves. Our Barrel Proof service, meaning the individual development in-house and directly on the printing machine, gives us a huge advantage. Working with our team of experts, brand owners have the flexibility to make requests for changes during the process quickly,” explains Lutz Braune, Chief Sales Officer at Janoschka Holding.