Independent audits for ESA technology

Independent audits for ESA technology

Independent audits for ESA technology
At the core of the patented ESA Static Loop 360° technology is an iterative process of static charge monitoring (Source: Enulec)

The ESA Static Loop 360° is a patented further development of the Enulec ESA technology. Its core is an iterative process of static load monitoring. Based on four Enulec patent technologies, this autonomously operating system guarantees maximum safety, especially in potentially explosive atmospheres.

The machine, tools and IT application are in constant dialogue with each other, enabling process-optimized automation of the workflow. All important data for your production process is made visible, merged and evaluated. The result is an automation process that is adapted to the production environment and the materials used. Static changes and sources of error are detected at an early stage and the entire production process is optimized and made safer.


The ability of Enulec’s ESA systems to efficiently reduce charges can be proven by permanent measurements of the static charge. The Static Inline Control System is available for this purpose. As a supplement to ESA Roto-Film, it enables the control and documentation of static charges in the printing process and in further processing. It can be implemented up- and down-stream of the printing units, but also on laminators and winders, to identify unwanted charges.

Independent audits

In this context, Enulec now contributes the experience and expertise it has gained over many years as an independent consultant for one of the world’s largest printing companies in the field of package printing. Within six months, the company audited all Asian sites as well as sites in France, the Czech Republic, Italy, Switzerland and Poland in 2023.

Audits are an integral part of quality management. A systematic, independent review is used to examine and document whether a process, activity or system meets previously defined or regulated standards, guidelines, norms or laws in its definition and implementation.

The electrostatic hazards in a solvent-containing environment on printing and laminating machines were examined on site using test and analysis methods developed by Enulec’s in-house quality management team. Based on the evaluation data, independent recommendations were then made to optimize the process sequences for greater safety and quality.