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ICE Award for new splicing tape

teas SE: ICE Award for the new splicing tape
Steffen Ebenauer, Product Manager tesa SE, with the ICE Award for the new splicing tape Tesa EasySplice 51948 FilmLine Black X (Source: tesa)

Packaging films are often provided with slip additives in order to pack foodstuffs such as rice or noodles more quickly and efficiently. However, this technical process measure has its disadvantages.

This is because the slip additives continuously migrate to the surface of the film and causes a sort of boundary layer. This in fact reduces the wetting effect of splicing tapes, impairs the bond between film and splicing tape and also effects the splicing ability.


“Black X” makes the difference

With this in mind, tesa developed the new splice tape EasySplice 51948 FilmLine Black X which already won an award in the category “Efficient Production Solutions” at the recent ICE 2022 show. This integrated splice tape is provided with a black PET backing and has a thickness of 115 microns. It is particularly suitable for flying splices of flexible packaging materials with a high content of slip additives as well as recycled films and non-woven substrates.

The main feature of tesa 51948 is the new contact adhesive with very high bond strength. It offers very good wetting properties on highly slippery films to ensure a reliable splice even at fast running machines. In addition, this splicing tape can be used to minimise waste, as the splice is reliably detected by the black colour of the PET backing.