Horizon 4.0 Triplex for flexible coating and laminating

Horizon 4.0 Triplex
The new Horizon 4.0 Triplex is a multi-process coating and laminating machine for the producing of multilayer laminates (Source: Uteco)

The new Horizon 4.0 Triplex is a multi-process coating and laminating machine  for the producing of multilayer laminates. To meet all current and most diverse market needs as well as the demands of technical flexibility concerning new packaging films technologies it offers a highly flexible design.

Predisposed for triplex lamination

The machine is predisposed for triplex lamination with different types of coating technologies, such as, rotogravure, indirect gravure, flexo and semi-flexo. It is specifically designed to produce multilayer laminates both with wet and dry lamination technologies (solvent-based, water-based and solventless). The Horizon 4.0 Triplex has exceptional features for high performance and operations’ versatility. For example, fast coating unit changeovers are enabled thanks to highly automated multi-purpose trolleys for all types of coating applications equipped with automatic pistons. Also sleeve changes are executed automatically in less than one minute without any manual intervention.


End use applications include flexible packaging, food and liquid packaging, pet food packaging, industrial bags, paper bags, pressure sensitive labels and gift paper. It is suitable for short, medium and long run jobs and proceeds materials like film, paper, cardboard and aluminium

Designed for new packaging films technologies

Horizon 4.0 Triplex meets the demands of technical flexibility concerning the new packaging films technologies. It is suitable for the production of multilayer laminates, up to triplex, with different process technologies like solvent-based and water-based wet and dry lamination and solventless lamination, in register coating of solvent-based and water-based varnishes and lacquers as well as coating of cold seal and pressure sensitive adhesives.

Sustainability, safety and efficiency

The Horizon 4.0 Triplex has been designed with sustainability, safety and efficiency in mind. With regard to emissions reduction, the machine is provided with two full enclosures. This not only avoids emissions but also guarantees full operator safety from hazardous solvent fumes and risks related to exposure to noise at work. To reduce energy consumption and facilitate sustainable production processes, the machine is provided with an energy recovery system.

To increase production efficiency, the Horizon 4.0 Triplex is provided with a powerful drying system, consisting of two ventilation units and a semi flotation three zones dryer. Finally, the machine offers a fully integrated human/machine interface (HMI) with complete data trend recording.