Meech International

Expanding UK production facilities

Direct web cleaning device
A direct web cleaning device provided by Meech (Source: Meech)

Meech International, a global manufacturers of static control, web cleaning and compressed air technology has expanded its UK headquarters in Oxfordshire, with a new 29,000 sq ft production facility at Tungsten Park.

The new unit houses all of Meech’s production, purchasing, order processing and customer service. There are approximately 40 staff working there, with the original building retaining all other aspects of the business.


Ionising bars
The Hyperion range of ionising bars and power supplies for industrial static control
(Source: Meech)

Established in 1907, Meech International has specialised in industrial electrostatic control for over 50 years. This experience has led to R&D that pioneered the industrial use of pulsed DC technology for static control. For example, the Hyperion range of ionising bars and power supplies are among the latest industrial static control products offered by Meech. Solutions for the converting industry includes applications in the fields of sheeting, coating, laminating, slitting and rewinding.

With an established worldwide network of subsidiaries and distributors, approximately 80% of the systems produced by Meech are sold in 45 countries.