Customized company seminars

Stuttgart Media University (HdM)
Stuttgart Media University (HdM) is the only university in Europe which operates a complete gravure line (Source: HdM)

Stuttgart Media University (HdM) is the only university in Europe which operates a complete gravure line, from cylinder preparation through to a rotogravure printing press.

Hence, the cylinder preparation and gravure printing department at HdM is unique in European further and higher education. In the labs all aspects of gravure can be closely experienced and tried out, and the quality of all production steps can be tested with special measuring methods.


In cooperation with ERA, the HdM now offers seminar individually customized to the specific needs of gravure printing companies. They can be composed out of the following topics:

Gravure cylinder production

  • Introduction to cylinder production – structure, requirements, electroplating, measuring technology
  • Data workflow for gravure printing
  • Colour management in gravure
  • Fingerprinting (from a prepress perspective)
  • Electromechanical engraving / Xtreme
  • Etching with laser mask
  • Laser engraving
  • Creation of one (possibly two) cylinders with electromechanical engraving

Effecting factors in gravure printing

  • Principle of gravure printing – providing ink, metering ink, transferring ink, drying ink
  • Surface properties of a gravure cylinder, measuring technique
  • Cell form and arrangement for different types of forme production and different inks
  • Components of the gravure printing unit for different inking units
  • Printing with different parameters
  • Colour measurement with corresponding measuring technology and evaluation option

Colour and colour measurement techniques with focus on gravure printing

  • Colour and colour measurement with appropriate measurement technology
  • Colour management in the gravure workflow
  • Setting up the ink range for ink formulation software (XRite Ink-Formulation)
  • ECG printing, press requirements, product colour design

These seminars are designed for employees from technical, managerial or sales with already a profound knowledge in gravure printing. The duration of the seminars and the number of participants is depending on the chosen topics. Maximum number of participants is 10 per course. Seminar languages can be English or German. The knowledge of the English language has to be on a solid basis. Prices are based on the individual wishes of the company.

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