Hell Gravure Systems

Cellaxy production in full swing

Cellaxy C500
Production of the Cellaxy C500 in full swing (Source: Hell Gravure Systems)

Obviously direct laser engraving for gravure printing and embossing is noticeably picking up speed. As a proof for this statement, German company Hell Gravure Systems reported, that for the first time, altogether five Cellaxy C500 were recently produced simultaneously at their headquarters in Kiel.

An universal design

The Cellaxy C500 laser device not only sets the benchmarks in gravure cylinder preparation, but also meets highest embossing and coating requirements. The laser system’s universal design enables adjustments to be made based on intelligent algorithms without any mechanical changes. To ensure the laser beam can be utilized to optimum effect in any application, the system incorporates the


latest version of CellCreator to fully exploit the true potential of direct laser engraving.

Using up to two fiber lasers in the 600 W performance class, the platform design means it can optionally be equipped with any type of laser. As a result, the system is also prepared for future developments such as the high performance classes of nano and pico lasers. Furthermore, the system is ready to engrave the HelioPearl polymer monolayer cylinder coating developed by K.Walter.

The Cellaxy C500 engraves with a laser spot size of 10 μm and a resolution of up to 2000 l/cm (5080 dpi) for contour definition in etching quality. In addition the special algorithm for optimizing edge cells produces smooth, closed contours in print. So, wherever flawless results are required for flexible packaging, labels, cigarettes, packaging for the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries or decor printing applications, Cellaxy shows its strengths.