A unique opportunity definitely not to miss! – The International Gravure Award 2023

ERA-Award 2023
The new ERA Award (Quelle: ERA)

The European Rotogravure Association (ERA) invites the gravure industry to take part in its International Gravure Award 2023.

For the respective companies this event is a real and unique opportunity not to miss to showcase their performance and creativity in gravure printing. In addition, the International Gravure Award offers a global reach, as it is organised by ERA, a leading non-profit international organisation dedicated to supporting users of the gravure printing process


ERA’s mission is to promote gravure printing worldwide and thus contribute to the future viability of the process and the associated industry.

The International Gravure Award

The International Gravure Award is open for printers, engravers, cylinder and machinery manufacturers which are involved in the production of gravure printed materials. The entry should be extracted from a commercial production run.

The competition has three entry categories:

  • Packaging (flexible, paper, carton, label)
  • Various (publication, decor, security)
  • Innovation

ERA reserves the right to adjust the categories.

The print samples are evaluated according to the following criteria:

  • Quality of the printed product
  • Typical gravure printing criteria (e.g. no missing dots, absence of other printing faults like scumming, doctor blade lines)
  • Sustainability

Entries must be submitted latest by 30 August 2023.

The presentation of the winners will take place during the ERA International Gravure Days, 18-20 October in Switzerland, to which the winners will get an invitation.

The International Gravure Days 2023

This year’s International Gravure Days will take place in Switzerland on 18-20 October in the Hotel Weissenstein. The event will be in conjunction with the Management Meeting & General Assembly in the afternoon of 18 October, followed by an informal Get-Together at the Airplane Museum Oberaargau sponsored by Daetwyler SwissTec. The conference will be held on 19 October all day. On 20 October, participants have the opportunity to visit the plant of Rotoflex in Grenchen, Switzerland.

About ERA

Founded in 1956, The European Rotogravure Association, has developed into the leading international organisation of the gravure industry. It is the representative body for the European publication, packaging and decorative gravure industry in all political and legislative matters concerning gravure printing. Moreover, ERA is a forum to exchange technical information, to promote technical developments, to support scientific projects and to promote the development of gravure in emerging markets as well as a discussion forum for socio-economic issues concerning the gravure industry. ERA maintains constant vigilance in environment, health and safety matters, working with relevant bodies at the EU and national levels and participates in international standard committees.



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