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A colour library alternative to Pantone

The cloud-based software solution c.CLOUD
The cloud-based software solution c.CLOUD handles digital color communication and provides complete transparency in terms of consistent colour management (Source: Saueressig)

With c.CLOUD, the next generation of cloud-based digital coloUr communication, Saueressig e.GEN offers an alternative to Pantone and thus responds with a solution for Adobe users to the software provider’s announcement not to include Pantone colour libraries in the newest versions of their products.

A real incision

For designers, agencies and suppliers along the pre-press stage, this is of course a real incision: Pantone colour libraries not being supported furthermore in new versions of Adobe products such as Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop – not until Adobe and Pantone will have established a revised Pantone colour workflow which is expected only in the coming months. Concrete timings are pending.


After the first uncertainty, this situation might open an empowering possibility for something new: Are there alternatives to Pantone? May these circumstances entail positive developments and offer the opportunity to react flexibly while at the same time establishing future-oriented workflows? How does a viable and sustainable solution for Adobe users look like, with the power not only to fill this void, but also to bring added value?

A solution with c.CLOUD

With connection to c.CLOUD, Saueressig’s cloud-based colour database, Adobe users and designers gain the possibility to deliver colour libraries based on freely available spectral data (as an example the freieFarbe CIELAB HLC Colour Atlas). Existing own colour standards as well as colour drawdowns – for instance developed in the c.INKTEC-colour lab based on customized and printing-process dependent parameters – can be made available in this integrated colour cloud solution, internally as well as externally.

To connect c.CLOUD with Adobe products, a plugin for Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop is provided, thus retaining the user interface as accustomed and making it a very smooth transition from Pantone to c.CLOUD. Recipes, colour information and printing parameters can be integrated in the colour standard, are available worldwide and can be accessed at any time. The cloud-based colour database simplifies data transfer to the entire supply chain, thus ensuring brand consistency. This makes c.CLOUD a real alternative to Pantone.

Saueressig e.GEN

As an alliance of experts from the printing, packaging and converting industries, the newly created business unit of the Saueressig Group combines intelligent systems and services under a common umbrella brand. With e.GEN, the company is strengthening its developments in forward-looking technologies and advanced digital solutions. The name e.GEN is derived from the word emergence and can be understood as the appearance of previously non-existent characteristics or structures of a system.