Gravue Printing

EU Commission officially approved chromium trioxide authorization

Chromium trioxide is used in the electrolyte for hard chromium plating for rotogravure cylinders (Source: Kaspar Walter)(Photo Credit: Kai Arndt)

According to the European Rotogravure Association (ERA), on 21 December 2020 (22:30) the competent EU Commission officially approved the authorisation application for the continued use of chromium trioxide (is also known as chromium (VI) oxide) in the gravure printing industry until 21 September 2024.

This marks the successful end of an eight-year authorisation process. A long-term authorisation of the chromium(VI) process, extending beyond 2024, has been applied for with the EU Commission.


In a webinar to be held as soon as possible, the European Rotogravure Association will inform its members as well as the rotogravure industry about all necessary steps to obtain individual approval for their chromium(VI) equipment.