Standardization in packaging gravure printing (ISO 12647-10)

On the initiative of Italian Rotogravure Group, represented by Carlo Carnelli, a new part of ISO 124647 family of standards has been proposed that describes standardization in packaging gravure printing. This new section 10 of the ISO 12647 documentation is tentatively termed “Part 10: Packaging Rotogravure printing”.

It should specify the requirements for the exchange of data and information necessary for the definition of the aims for process and spot colour gravure printing of packaging materials. It is based on the use of colour characterization data to define the colorimetric printing aims and includes appropriate assignment of responsibility and recommended tolerances on critical parameters of the Rotogravure printing process. In order to provide a mature document to start a new project ballot (NP) at the coming Tokyo meeting he is reaching out to experts outside Europe.


Anyone is invited to contact him with respect to contributions in the area of substrate influence, lamination, transparency and base coat, absorbent substrates, image positioning tolerances, printing reproducibility, preliminary fingerprinting, definition of proper test cylinder element, reporting process, ink kitchen management as well as press sets on quality results.