New Software for sustainable and maximum efficient production

OneVision Software for printing
New connections to OneVision Software (Source: OneVision)

With the release of the latest software generation 22.2, automation specialist OneVision expands its modular solutions for automated workflows. New functions and connectivity options enable print service providers to optimize the automation of their production processes.

In the context of rapidly rising energy costs, material bottlenecks and a shortage of skilled workers, resource-efficient production is becoming increasingly important for many printing businesses. Therefore, the integration of processes plays a decisive role. After all, the smoother, more error-free and more efficient a production runs, the less waste is generated and the less manual intervention is required.


Connections to Duplo DocuCutter and OptiScout

 The system landscapes of print service providers are usually very individually and differently structured. As XML-based middleware, the OneVision software can be connected to other software and hardware components. In addition to numerous existing data interfaces, a newly developed module enables the preparation of cutting lines in already imposed sheets for the Duplo DocuCutter DC-618 and DC-648. Also, marks and barcodes can be applied to the sheets as additional information. Duplo’s multi-finishers can thus be configured automatically.

Another new feature is a connection to OptiScout. This functionality prepares the print files for transfer to the OptiScout system and allows integration with digital cutting systems such as Colex, Bullmer and Eastman Cuts.

New highlights for nesting

Furthermore, the nesting module has been extended with some innovative functionalities. Intelligent transfer of the print run can shorten RIP times and stabilize the entire workflow. In addition, the nesting of large motifs has been optimized, making even more efficient and economical use of substrates. Print service providers working with a cutting system from Kongsberg Precision Cutting Systems can look forward to support for under-view cameras.