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Live demonstration of HelioChrome NEO

Heliograph Holding: Live demonstration of HelioChrome NEO
The Heliograph sales team visited Huhtamaki Ronsberg for a live demonstration of the HelioChrome NEO machine (Source: Heliograph Holding)

Last week, the Heliograph sales team visited Huhtamaki Ronsberg for a live demonstration of the HelioChrome NEO machine for the chrome plating of gravure cylinders.

The colleagues from Daetwyler Graphics, Hell Gravure Systems, Lüscher Technologies AG, and Schepers GmbH & Co. KG were also impressed by the seamless integration of the SlimeLine1610 HelioChromeNEO cylinder preparation tank and the Finishstar P 1610 HelioChrome NEO polishing machine for gravure cylindersinto the existing AutoCon production line.


A new sustainable chrome plating process for gravure printing

To increase the sustainability of the gravure printing process in general and the cylinder preparation in special, there is a need for promising alternatives to the traditional chromium (VI) trioxide coating, such as chromium (III) chloride. After more than 10 years of development by German company K Walter and co-partner Huhtamaki Ronsberg, the HelioChrome NEO electroplating technology is a Chromium(III) based alternative to the Chromium(VI) process. It reached industrial maturity in 2021 and is already in successful use by some companies.