Walter / Taisei Lamick

Installation of a fully automated production line for gravure printing cylinders

AutoCON Line Installation
German company K. Walter installed a AutoCON cylinder production line provided with four K500 engravers at Taisei Lamick (Source: K. Walter)

Kaspar Walter, the German manufacturer of state-of-the-art electroplating systems for gravure cylinder production and developer of highly efficient process technologies as well as custom-fit solutions for system integration announced the installation of a fully automated gravure cylinder production line AutoCON provided with four K500 engravers at Taisei Lamick.

AutoCON and K500

AutoCON is the Heliograph Group’s fully automated line solution for the cost-efficient production of high-precision gravure printing cylinders. It is extremely flexible, enabling customers to expand their production capacity easily and seamlessly. The key performance features small footprint supports easy integration into existing structures and spaces; fully automated cylinder production, ranging from steel to chrome in single or separate lines; integration of fully automatic engraving; state-of-the-art security concept for maximum system availability; modular concept for easy expansion of production capacity and finally a one-person operating concept


With an engraving speed of up to 24 kHz, the HelioKlischograph K500 is not only most successful engraving machine but also one of the fastest. The HelioSprint III 12 kHz high-performance engraving system, Twain multi-head engraving, and linear drive ensure by far the quickest cylinder production in the industry. Equipped with all the top features of HD Gravure, the K500 achieves extremely high-quality engraving results.

About Taisai Lamick

Headquartered in Japan, Taisei Lamick is a leading company in liquid and paste packaging systems combining plastic films, high-speed auto fillers and training developed based on unique technologies and know-how to achieve enhanced productivity high quality and high functionality.