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Factory acceptance at Hell

Saueressig: Factory acceptance at Hell
The Saueressig expert team during the factory acceptance in Kiel (Source: Hell)

Recently, experts from Saueressig Surfaces visited Hell Gravure Systems to perform a factory acceptance test of a Cellaxy C500 XL for direct laser engraving of embossing cylinders.

The installation at the Saueressig site in Vreden is scheduled for mid-May. The direct laser will be used in the tissue and automotive business segments, among others.


Direct laser for embossing

As a universal laser for the direct structuring of metal surfaces, Cellaxy opens up many applications in the field of embossing. Cellaxy performs fully automated multipass engraving with an engraving depth of up to 1000 μm. It does so on a variety of materials, including copper, zinc, steel, and aluminum. Both 2D and 3D embossing forms are produced in the highest possible stepless and seamless quality. The results achieved with Cellaxy embossing processes are highly impressive thanks to long-lasting tactile qualities and high attention to detail. This applies equally to micro-embossing over large areas and background textures.