Expanded application centre

Expanded application centre
An exemplary application with intermediate drying modules from adphos in the field of film gravure printing (Source: adphos)

German company adphos moved into the completely modernized technical centre at its headquarter in Bruckmühl, Bavaria. Thus, the possibilities for testing are greatly enhanced thanks to an advanced pilot plant available both for use to the adphos experts and their customers for testing and training purposes.

Simulating all scenarios

In the spacious premises with a wide range of versatile equipment, almost all scenarios of thermal drying, heating, sintering or curing can be simulated and improved. The possible applications range from thin film drying and thermal processes to thick film (especially relevant in the battery production), low viscosity, slurry and even powder coatings. Application-relevant drying tests are possible for aqueous and solvent-based processes.


Modularly adjusted to customers processes

adphos has been successful in thermal processes for decades with its patented aNIR-technology. With the modernisation and renewal of the company’s own technical centre, it is now possible to respond even more efficiently to customer wishes and satisfy their requirements in a more application focused way. The pilot plant can be adjusted modularly to the respective customer specific temperature controlled processes and enhanced through accurate inline-measurements. These developments allow more and more specific applications to be decisively advanced prior to industrial implementation. In addition, various options for customized rental equipment and demonstration systems at customer sites are also offered.