A measuring device for improved brand protection

FAG: A measuring device for improved brand protection
FAG’s new special spectrophotometer Fluosp Spectro (Source: FAG)

The new Fluosp Spectro from FAG is a special spectrophotometer for checking and testing fluorescent, invisible printing elements on packaging and labels to protect against product counterfeiting and piracy.

The device offers the user two different modes to control the printing process: control of the total intensity of the fluorescence as well as control of the colour of the fluorescence. Positive numbers mean that the current print sample has a higher fluorescence than the reference, negative numbers say that the fluorescence of the current sample is too low compared to the proof. The intensity control is comparable to a measurement of the solid ink density with normal inks.


Overprinting with inks of colourless fluorescence also produces special effects. Spectral measurement with the Fluosp Spectro enables defined colour information to be assigned to the fluorescence.