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Decisive for better gravure printing

How an Enulec ESA system works (Source: Enulec)

For many years world-leading German and Italian gravure press manufacturers have relied on the know-how and innovations of Enulec ESA and anti-static systems in order to achieve the highest levels of productivity, press performance and safety in gravure printing and converting.

New technologies have been developed through close cooperation and partnership and these have helped to make the operation of a gravure press both more efficient and simpler.


It is for this reason that press manufacturers have opted to exclusively fit Enulec electrostatic products to their presses and to integrate them into the SPS. For the first time ESA and anti-static systems are now able to fully communicate with the press so that they can be optimally managed and adjusted to match press parameters and press configuration. This also allows further safety features such as tachometric compensation to be introduced.

Gravure is known for its outstanding print quality; and the use of innovative ESA Direct Charging (Core Charging) has allowed this to be taken to new levels by ensuring that the contents of the cells of the earthed gravure cylinder are transferred to the substrate being printed.

Enulec has developed and patented a maintenance-free fluid transfer system for such charging that has proven itself in the market over many years. It does not rely on exposed slip rings or brushes that are prone to failure and that must be replaced at regular intervals. Instead, the power unit in Enulec’s Direct Charging System charges the impression roller core (sleeve mandrel) via a specially developed fluid transfer system.

Naturally, it is possible to use both impression rollers with shafts and sleeves with these solutions. When changing sleeves on presses featuring ENULEC technology there is no risk to operators from residual charges, firstly because tension is removed as soon as the ESA generator is switched off and secondly because the impression roller is discharged as soon as the web comes to a stop.

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