The future will be disruptive

Digitalisation, automation and further standardisation of production processes, shrinking order sizes with even shorter delivery times and the switch to new, more sustainable materials – these are just some of the challenges that package gravure printers are facing.

More recently, the extremely tight supply situation for packaging materials, the wars in Ukraine and the Middle East and the rapidly rising costs of energy, materials and transport have added to this. The dramatic shortage of skilled labour is also causing more and more problems for the industry.


According to Esko, a global provider of integrated software and hardware solutions for package printing, future developments will be based less than ever on past time experience. “The future will be disruptive and company management will have to adapt accordingly,” explained Jan De Roeck from Esko. His core message is that what made yesterday successful is no longer enough today and even for the future.

In order to support the branded goods industry, packaging manufacturers must position themselves accordingly. De Roeck advised the participants at the recent ERA event “International Gravure Days” to focus particularly on three priorities: “Develop your sustainability strategy, accelerate the digital transformation of your company and win the competition for talented employees, who you then need to develop and retain in the long term.”