Rossini as new member

Rossini as new ERA member
Rossini s.p.a. has entered ERA as a new member (Source: Rossini)

ERA, the European Rotogravure Association, has announced the new membership of Rossini s.p.a.

The Milan, Italy based company is recognized for its expertise in the production of gravure and flexo printing solutions.


Since its establishment in 1928, the company’s product portfolio includes a variety of tailored solutions, such as plate sleeves, carbon fibre carriers, and Speedwell sleeves.

Rossini’s technological excellence is further supported by the UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 certification and a dedication to maintaining strict product tolerances.

In addition to product manufacturing, Rossini offers equipment designed to enhance printing processes, including the Evolution System for automatic cleaning, storage solutions for sleeves, and the Prima Grinder. This diverse offering underscores the company’s role in advancing printing technology and meeting the industry’s evolving needs.