FMS Force Measuring Systems AG

Measuring roll with multiple force sensors

segFORCE system
The segFORCE system provides up to 40 measuring values across the entire web (Source: FMS)

The centerpiece of the FMS-segFORCE system is the compact measuring roll with multiple, independent force sensors.

In contrast to conventional tension monitoring systems with a force sensor on each end of the roll, this system provides up to 40 measuring values across the entire web. Especially when it comes to the processing of elastic or sensitive materials this extended monitoring offers improvements for various machine and production types.


For applications a slitter/rewinders the system offers easy identification of faulty winding shafts or differential shafts, a domfortable display of the tension values of each individual strip and high flexibility in terms of the total number of the segments, segment widths and lateral position.

When used for coating lines, segForce enables tension profile for better under-standing of the process, fast detection and elimination of process or material related faults and malfunctions as well as fast quality assessment of the delivered material rolls.