Look and feel for packaging

The new Picaflor embossing process
The new Picaflor embossing process implements seamless rainbow effects on films and metallised paper (Quelle: Saueressig)

Creative visual and haptic surface effects on packaging are an increasingly important aspect in consumers’ purchasing decisions. This is why the industry is devoting a great deal of attention to this topic. This is also the case with Saueressig, which offers rotary tools for different embossing processes for a variety of applications and materials, but also complete machine concepts such as embossing calenders and hot embossing stations for plastics.

To create structures in the submicron range, Saueressig offers the latest mechanical and laser-based engraving processes for the production of embossing tools. This includes the new Picaflor embossing process for implementing seamless rainbow effects on films and metallised paper. In addition, the Qemboss process is available for three-dimensional embossing of paper, cardboard, aluminium foil and films. These new synthetic embossing forms are characterised by fast lead times and comparably low costs.


For such fine surface modifications to create light-refracting optical structures, which is called nano embossing, there is a globally growing market in the field of security and decorative embossing of a variety of substrates. It must also be noted, that this process has no effect on the respective substrate properties.