Hell Gravure Systems

Investment in new engraving machine for gravure cylinder production

Bak Gravür investierte in die neue Graviermaschine K500 von Hell Gravure Systems (Quelle: Bak Gravür)

In June this year, Bak Gravür commissioned the new K500 G4 engraving machine from Hell Gravure Systems. As an integral part, it increases the capacities of the fully automatic line for the production of gravure cylinders. With the K500 G4, the Turkish company wants to further reduce its production times and ensure the highest quality in gravure forme production. To this end, the engraving machine is equipped with HQH technology and multitune functions, among other features.

About Bak Gravür


Bak Gravür was founded in 1998 and has its headquarters in Izmir/Turkey. The company has an operating area of over 8000 m2 and produces around 50,000 gravure cylinders per year, mainly for the packaging, tobacco and spirits industries. In 2012, Bak Gravür invested in the fully automated AutoCon production line. In addition, the company has a production line for lasering embossing rollers and rotogravure cylinders, which went into operation in 2013.