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Engraving Cylinder: A Comprehensive Overview

Engraving Cylinder: A Comprehensive Overview
Mechanical engraving of a gravure cylinder on an engraving machine from Hell Gravure Systems at the Turkish company Armatif Gravür Sistemleri (Source: Armatif Gravür Sistemleri)

An engraving cylinder, also known as a gravure cylinder or rotogravure cylinder, is a vital component in the gravure printing process. Gravure printing is a high-quality, high-volume printing method widely used in the packaging, publication, and decorative industries. The process involves transferring ink from engraved cells on the surface of a cylinder onto the substrate, creating sharp and vibrant prints.

Construction and materials

Engraving cylinders are typically made from high-strength materials such as steel or copper. These materials provide the necessary durability and dimensional stability required for the engraving process. The cylinder’s surface is carefully prepared and polished to achieve a smooth and uniform finish, which is crucial for precise ink transfer.


The engraving process

There are two primary methods for engraving cylinders:

Chemical Etching: This method utilizes chemical processes to etch the desired pattern onto the cylinder’s surface. The cylinder is coated with a photosensitive resist material, which is then exposed to a patterned film or laser. After exposure, the resist is developed, creating cells that correspond to the desired image. The exposed areas are then chemically etched to create the recessed cells. This process is highly precise and allows for intricate and detailed designs.

Mechanical Engraving: In mechanical engraving, a diamond-tipped stylus is used to physically remove material from the cylinder’s surface, creating the desired cells. This method is known for its versatility and speed. The stylus is guided by a computer-controlled system, enabling precise control over the depth, shape, and density of the cells. Mechanical engraving is well-suited for large-scale production runs and is often employed in industries that require high-volume printing.

About Armatif Gravür Sistemleri

Established in 2019 and located at Karatay/Konya in Turkey, Armatif Gravür Sistemleri has an annual production capacity of 15,000 cylinders with its professional team and technical equipment. They run state-of-the-art machinery to meet the gravure cylinder needs of the packaging sector in Turkey and abroad. Armatif Gravür Sistemleri also produces steel bodies of printing rollers, provides a seamless process and supports their clients in the fields of packaging design and colour separation with a professional graphic team.

Starting from our 2200 m̕² closed area production facility established on 3500 m² area, the company is taking firm steps towards becoming the most preferred and largest enterprise of the European and Asian continents.

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