AI optimises printing processes and reduces complexity

AI optimises printing processes and reduces complexity
A key application of AI in the printing industry is in the area of motif selection (Source: Booklets Print)

In package printing, the individual process steps are characterised by high technical requirements and complexity, which makes the introduction and compliance with a common standard a demanding challenge.

To date, these processes have relied heavily on the expertise and experience of well-trained employees, requiring a sound understanding of the numerous specifications as well as the careful preparation of graphic data.


During the recent ERA event “International Gravure Days”, Ingo Beutler of the German Saueressig Group stated: “The use of artificial intelligence (AI) revolutionises these workflows and enables knowledge to be applied quickly and independently of location in order to offer products and services even without extensive experience and expertise. The integration of AI in the package printing industry has proven to be groundbreaking at Saueressig, especially in supporting technical processes and fast decision-making, which significantly reduces their complexity.”

A key application of AI is in the area of print motif selection, in which fast analyses of common separations takes place by pure image search without the need for additional filter criteria. This fast process involves comparing images with a certain number of references within seconds for the production of cost-intensive tools for printing and converting in order to meet the respective customer requirements.