D.W. Renzmann

A parts cleaning system for Greece

D.W. Renzmann: A parts cleaning system for Greece
A new type 3500 part cleaning unit replaced an older Renzmann device due to the increased volume of parts at the Hatzopoulos side (Source: Renzmann)

In May 2022 the German supplier of washing machines for the cleaning of printing press components D.W. Renzmann received an inquiry from Greece. Being a long-time customer, the company A.Hatzopoulos S.A. of Kalohori, Thessaloniki, had decided to invest in an automatic system for cleaning their printing unit parts. During a subsequent on-site visit, the expansion of the existing washroom was discussed and the project steps were defined.

Replacement with type 3500

The initiator on the Hatzopoulos side was Ovidiu Serb, the company’s energy and investment director. A Renzmann washing machine from 1993 was to be replaced, which was no longer suitable for the increased volume of parts from gravure printing. A type 3500 unit was presented and offered. This unit is suitable for cleaning a large volume of parts, and loading from the front takes place at an ergonomically suitable height. In combination with the existing distillation plant, a closed solvent cycle is achieved at Hatzopoulos, which makes an important contribution to conserving resources and the environment. The order for the plant was ultimately placed at October 2022 and the type 3500 washing machine was installed and successfully commissioned in July 2023.