DotScope wide view: 3D analysis of coarse structures

The new measuring microscope DotSope wide view is predestined for highly mobile measurement, as it weighs only just about 3 kilograms (Source: SOPRIN)

In order to optimally measure structure sizes of embossing rolls or coarse coating rolls, a large field of view is required. With the mobile measuring microscope DotScope wide view, the latest development from SOPRIN GmbH, it has been possible to extend the field of view to 3290 x 2460 µm. This allows the analysis of screen sizes from 6 to 80 l/cm.

High-resolution LM-Plan objectives with infinity optics are used, which are otherwise only used in 3D microscopes of higher price classes. 3D structures can be captured at scanning speeds of up to 100 µm per second.

Objective turrets and xy adjustment are indispensable for embossing applications. These allow the measuring position to be found quickly and the lens to be changed without losing the measuring position.

3D microscope image of an embossing roll with the
the DotScope wide view
(Source: SOPRIN)

Operating elements such as a focus rotary knob and control buttons on the DotScope allow comfortable and efficient working.

The accompanying software has a modern design and can be operated by anyone in a very short time, even without training, making it ideal for production use. Only one software is needed for all applications such as halftone, gravure, flexo and embossing. Perfect data preparation includes one-click saving of a measurement, report generation in different languages and layouts, and a database export.

The measurement of the laser-engraved surface of an anilox roll with a ruling of 48 l/cm
(Source: SOPRIN)

Discover the precision of DotScope measuring microscopes -Perfect measurements for every surface!

SOPRIN GmbH produces highly mobile measuring microscopes for the analysis of anilox rollers and printing plates. The DotScope mini and the DotScope eco have been successfully on the market for several years and have developed into technically leading measuring instruments through permanent further development and have won many enthusiastic users. They are characterised by maximum mobility with low weight, efficient workflow, fast objective change through revolving nosepiece and serial measurement. The measurements are extremely precise due to plano optics and sophisticated software.Highly flexible data output to various report layouts and databases is possible. The measuring microscopes are easy to operate and ideal for use in production and quality control.

The DotScope mini and the DotScope eco have been successfully on the market for several years
(Source: SOPRIN)

The measuring microscopes of the DotScope series also offer further advantages in application: Using a DotScope gives the user a higher degree of control over their process. The use of the microscope reduces set-up times, increases productivity, improves quality and thus increases profitability for the company.

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