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Online auction of flexo presses and other production machines

Flexotecnica flexo printing press
Up for online auction: A used flexo printing press from Flexotecnica (Source: Troostwijk)

The Dutch online auction house Troostwijk Auctions organises a flexo machinery auction due to company closure of Hapece BV, a former manufacturer of flexible packaging for food, personal care and industrial applications. The online auction # 47977 includes a flexo press by Flexotecnica, laminating machines by Nodmeccanica and Schiavi as well as cutting and winding machines by Kampf, Atlas and Euromac. Furthermore there are various rolls of films and foils, workshop, pallet racks and internal transport devices.

For example, these printing press and laminating machines are sold online at auction:

Schiavi laminating machine
Laminating machine by Schiavi
(Source: Troostwijk)


Nordmeccanica laminating machine machine
Laminating machine by Nodmeccanica
(Source: Troostwijk)


Flexotecnica flexo printing press
Flexo press by Flexotecnica
(Source: Troostwijk)

Details on “Business termination Hapece BV” (Online Auction 47977)

Start of the auction: 15/08/2023; 08:00 GMT+2

Closing of the auction: 20/09/2023 10:00 GMG+2.

Auction and pick-up location: J.C. van Markenstraat, 49403 AS Assen/The Netherlands

Terms of the online auction

There is no right of withdrawal from a biding. The minimum age for visiting the viewing and extraditing days is 18 years. Visitors must be able to identify themselves. Delivery is exclusively via a delivery schedule. The delivery schedule will be announced on working days, within 24 hours after receiving the e-mail that you have won lots and can pay. During the collection day, a forklift with driver is available, which can be used free of charge. The maximum lifting capacity is 1.5 tonnes. Use of the forklift is entirely at your own risk. In addition, waiting times may occur.

To participate in the online auction, please click here.

About Troostwijk Auctions

Founded in 1930, selling through Troostwijk is safe and easy, as the company fully master the craft of auctioning for 90 years already. Therefore, Troostwijk has earned a reputation as a trusted brand across the globe. An extensive database combined with targeted publicity campaigns through ads, mail and social media ensures that one get the right buyers for its assets. With experts across Europe, Troostwijk understand the most various business areas they are active in. Therefore they know the full value of the respective assets. Buyers get the best revenues and also support in their own language.