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Training academy session for Constantia Asas Turkey

K. Walter: Training academy session for Constantia Asas Turkey
A team from Constantia ASAS of Ankara, Turkey, took part in the training program at the K. Walter academy (Source: K. Walter)

In July 2023, a team from customer Constantia ASAS of Ankara, Turkey, took part in the training program at the K. Walter academy. With the good mix of theory and practical application, a lot of information were passed on in the various modules of the program to deepen existing knowledge. The session ended with a visit at Huhtamaki to see the new chrome plating process Chrome NEO, which was as well impressive for the team of Constantia ASAS. K. Walter expressed its hanks to the Turkish team for their interest and the nice time they spent together.

The HelioChrome NEO electroplating technology

The objective of this development is to achieve environmentally friendly plating by using chrome (III) technology that matched the mechanical properties and quality standards offered by chrome (VI) plating. Various electrolyte formulations and system modifications were tested and refined, and Kaspar Walter has subsequently awarded several patents for this new chrome plating process. Known as HelioChrome NEO, this new plating technology is now commercially available.


With a Vickers hardness of around 1200 HV, it is possible to achieve cylinder surfaces with HelioChrome NEO that match classic chrome plating using chrome (VI). What’s more, there are no fundamental changes in the workflow for the user, although it is not possible to use current chrome (VI) plating systems for the HelioChrome NEO process. However, the same grinding and polishing systems can be used which means that the surface of the new chrome layer does need to be worked in a different way as chrome (VI).

About Constantia ASAS Turkey

Established in 1978 and acquired by Constantia Flexibles in 2022, Constantia ASAS is one of the largest flexible packaging manufacturers in Turkey. Their activities include rotogravure printing, lamination, extrusion coating and wax coating serving more than 100 customers in over 35 countries. With about 360 employees, Constantia ASAS Turkey has an annual turnover of about 70 million Euros and production capacity of gravure printed and laminated films of about 300 million m². Social and ethical responsibility are high values for us and an important part of our company policy. Therefore, the company is certified against: ISO 9001, BRC, FSSC 22000, AIB, ISO 45001, ISO 27001, ISO 14001 and SMETA “Letter of Conformity”.