So called hairlines are history

German pre-press company 4Packaging uses a new software by PSik Solutions Ltd. which scans the files, detects hairlines in gravure cylinders and removes them automatically (Source: 4Packaging)

Who doesn’t know it? Repro processes are highly standardized in all steps to ensure perfect results and to avoid any mistake potentials. But nevertheless, when inspecting gravure cylinders in terms of quality assurance, one might suddenly discover a thin, fine and moreover unwanted hairline.

Although a well-known issue, from now on it is history: After intensive testing, German pre-press company 4Packaging finally started to use a new software by PSik Solutions Ltd. which scans the files, detects hairlines, and removes them automatically. This means, that no time-consuming inspections to detect and remove them individually are needed anymore.


Based in Dissen, North Germany, 4Packaging is one of the leading companies in gravure, cutting-die production and digital reproduction. The scope of their services also includes central repro, artwork and packaging development in 3D. This family-run business was established in 2000 and now has a presence not only in Germany, but also in South Africa!

Gravure redefined by Kohli!
On June 16, 2021, Kohli Industries will introduce version 3.0 of Thea-9one8 – already the most anticipated gravure printing press for the flexible packaging industries worldwide!