Pet food packaging market forecast to 2028

Pet food packaging market forecast to 2028
According to a new report, the pet food packaging market is experiencing significant growth by 2028 (Source: MioHop)

The report “Pet Food Packaging Market by Material (Paper & Paperboard, Plastic, Metal), Product (Pouches, Folding Cartons, Metal Cans, Bags), Food (Dry Food, Wet Food, Pet Treats), Animal (Dog, Cat, Fish), and Region – Global Forecast to 2028”, projects a market growth from 11.1 billion US-Dollar in 2023 to 14.9 billion US-Dollar by 2028.

North America is projected to account for the largest share in the pet food packaging industry during the forecast period. North America leads the pet food packaging market because of its substantial pet ownership rates and the increasing popularity of premium pet food, creating a demand for a wide variety of packaging options. The presence of numerous pet food producers and a strong emphasis on pet health and nutrition contribute to the market’s prominence and expansion. Furthermore, stringent regulatory standards and safety requirements in North America underscore the necessity for dependable and compliant packaging solutions.


More pets – more packaging

The pet food packaging market is experiencing significant growth due to several key factors. Firstly, the rising trend of pet ownership worldwide has led to an increased demand for pet food products, necessitating innovative and efficient packaging solutions to cater to diverse consumer preferences. Secondly, heightened awareness of pet health and nutrition has prompted manufacturers to create packaging that ensures the freshness and safety of pet food. Moreover, sustainability concerns have driven the adoption of eco-friendly packaging materials. Lastly, the surge in online pet food sales has led to a demand for packaging optimized for shipping, offering convenience and protection for products during transit. These factors collectively contribute to the continuous expansion of the pet food packaging market.

The dominating packaging types

In terms of value and volume, bags is estimated to lead the pet food packaging market. Pet food bags come in a wide range of sizes, from small to large, which allows manufacturers to package different quantities of food to cater to various pet owner needs. Further, bags are lightweight and easy to handle, making them convenient for both manufacturers and consumers. They are easy to stack, store, and transport, which reduces shipping costs. Dry food is estimated to lead the pet food packaging industry, as this food type has a longer shelf life compared to wet or semi-moist pet food. This extended shelf life reduces the likelihood of spoilage and waste, making it a practical choice for both consumers and retailers. Additionally, compared to wet pet food in cans or pouches, dry pet food typically generates less packaging waste. This aligns with environmental concerns and sustainability goals of both consumers and manufacturers. These factors attributed to the growth of dry pet food packaging in the pet food market.

Dog food as the largest market

The dog food packaging market is the largest in the pet food packaging industry due to the sheer number of dogs as pets globally, driving high demand. Additionally, dogs often consume larger quantities of food, necessitating larger packaging volumes. The market’s growth is also propelled by the diverse range of packaging options available to meet various dietary needs and preferences of dog owners.