Toyo Packaging

Pakistan flex pack company has joined ERA

Toyo Packaging of Karachi, Pakistan
A new member of ERA: Toyo Packaging of Karachi, Pakistan (Source: Toyo Packaging)

Toyo Packaging, based in Karachi, Pakistan, has joined the European Rotogravure Association. Founded in 1989, the company has emerged as one of the leading flexible packaging gravure printers in the country.

Toyo Packaging’s equipment includes three state-of-the-art gravure presses (8 and 10 colour) to print on different substrates such as BOPET, metallized-BOPET, pearlized BOPP, matt BOPP, BOPP, metallized BOPP, CPP, metallized CPP, BOPA (Nylon), aluminium foil, co-extruded PE, including duplex and triplex laminates.


They serve clients from various industries including multinational FMCGs, tea, confectionary, cakes, snacks, ice creams, textiles, pharmaceuticals and automotive. In addition, they not only serve well-established companies but also support start-ups with their knowledge of the packaging field. Toyo Packaging also has a packaging design studio, laminators, slitters/rewinders and a twist-PVC film extruder for candy wrappers.

About ERA

Founded in 1956, the European Rotogravure Association (ERA) has developed into the leading international organisation of the gravure industry. It is a non-profit organisation dedicated to supporting users of the gravure printing process. ERA’s mission is to promote gravure wherever it is applied and to contribute to the healthy continuity of the gravure industry.

ERA is the representative body for the publication, packaging and decorative gravure industry and represents gravure printers, suppliers and customer companies in Europe and overseas. Furthermore it is the industry representative body in all political and legislative matters concerning gravure, a discussion forum for socio-economic issues concerning the gravure industry and also a forum to exchange technical information, to promote technical developments, to support scientific projects and to promote the development of gravure in emerging markets. In addition, ERA maintains constant vigilance in environment, health and safety matters, working with relevant bodies at the EU and national levels and participates in international standard committees.