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OK Compost certification for Revalux varnish

Resino Inks: OK-Kompost-Home
The OK Compost Home certification for home composting systems (Source: Resino Inks)

After an extensive process that commenced in April 2022, Resino Inks obtained the OK Compost Home and OK Compost Industrial certifications for Revalux 164-05, a water-based, SUPD (EU Single Use Plastics Directive) compliant varnish, specifically created for coating and printing on materials intended for direct food contact.

Both certifications are internationally recognized standards for compostability. These certifications ensure that products and materials meet specific criteria for their ability to decompose in home composting systems (OK Compost Home) or industrial composting facilities (OK Compost Industrial). The OK Compost certification is administered by TÜV Austria, an independent third-party certification body.


OK Compost Home

The OK Compost Home certification signifies that a product is suitable for composting in backyard or home composting systems. It guarantees that the product will break down into compost without leaving any harmful residues or negatively impacting the composting process. This certification is particularly relevant for items like food waste bags, packaging materials, and compostable utensils used in household composting setups.

OK Compost Industrial

The OK Compost Industrial certification is applicable to products that are intended for composting in large-scale industrial facilities. These facilities provide controlled environments with specific conditions for efficient decomposition. Products with this certification can be safely processed in these facilities, ensuring that they will not hinder the composting process or cause any adverse effects.

Resino Inks: OK-Kompost-Industrial
The OK Compost Industrial certification for industrial composting facilities
(Source: Resino Inks)

About Resino Inks

Founded in 1982 and headquartered in Ballerup, Denmark, Resino Inks is a globally active company. It specialises in printing inks and coatings for food packaging, including sausage casings. It also supplies products for selected niche areas with special requirements for visual impact on the end product, such as sterilisation-resistant inks with high cooking, chemical and light fastness properties.