Kohli Industries

New Thea installations

Mexican company Eximpro, is a specialist in manufacturing and printing of shrink sleeves, has installed another Kohli Thea AR 360 gravure printing press (Source: Kohli)

Mexican company Exportaciones IM Promocion SA de CV, commonly known as Eximpro, is a specialist in manufacturing and printing of shrink sleeves. The company already runs a ten colour Kohli Thea AR 360 gravure printing press featuring electric line shaft technology (ELS) and an inline hotmelt coating application station installed in 2017. Now the company further expanded its machinery in operation with another Thea AR 360 nine colour gravure press also provided with an inline hotmelt coating application station and a maximum running speed of 350 m/min.

Award for recyclable cPET shrink sleeves


Recently Eximpro was awarded with the annual AWA International Sleeve Label Award. The Mexican company received the “Best of Show” award in the “Environmental Contribution” category for its recyclable cPET shrink sleeve solution for PET bottles of the sustainable brand ZenWTR Alkaline water, the only beverage in the world in bottles made of 100% recycled and certified ocean-bound plastic. The sleeves have been produced using de-inkable ink systems provided by Siegwerk.

Installation in Turkey

Üçsa Ambalaj is a manufacturer of flexible packaging in Turkey and a long-time customer of Kohli. Actually, they run a total of four Kohli gravure presses, of which three are from the Thea series. The first one of them has been installed in 2011 and was a very special press with eight colours, inline solvent-based lamination and inline register cold seal application. The latest gravure press for Üçsa Ambalaj, the brand new Thea-9one8 was installed earlier this year in September. In addition, the company runs two flexo presses, eight lamination machines and eight slitter/rewinders.

Fully recyclable packaging

Founded in 1996, Üçsa Ambalaj produces flexible packaging in printed, unprinted and laminated forms. The fully recyclable products are used in many different fields such as food and beverage, cleaning products, and pet foods. The company exports to North Africa, the Middle East, Europe and the USA. With 230 employees, Üçsa Ambalaj is located in the Karaman Organized Industrial Zone.

Aware of the importance of recycling and sustainability, Üçsa Ambalaj produces 100% recyclable packages. They are suitable for doypack and zip practices of a Pe/Pe structure. These PE-based films can be used in a wide range of products from bakery to confectionery and snacks, offering brands an ideal recyclable packaging solution.

From small workshop to international supplier

In 1972, Kohli Industries opened for business in a small workshop, equipped with minor investment. Due to huge ambition and a long-term vision for the flexible packaging industry, the company grew exponentially over the next two decades. By mid-nineties they shifted to a bigger warehouse and by the turn of the century, demand for their products was so high that they moved to the large current facility. As of 2013, Kohli sells its machines directly to twenty two countries. Including machines that are sold by European OEM’s under their own brand label, the number of countries rises to 28.