New laminators for Rotomed

New laminators for Rotomed
Windowed packaging solution produced by Rotomed on the Bobst NOVA SX 550 with inline SEI laser cutting system. The packaging is printed in gravure on the company’s Bobst RS 4004 gravure printing press (Source: Bobst)

Rotomed is a manufacturer of high-performance flexible packaging located at Syracuse, Italy. Its portfolio now also includes new Class A recyclable windowed paper solutions, which is currently under testing. In mid-2021, the company enlarged their machinery with a Nova SX 550 solventless laminator with inline SEI laser cutting system. This was preceded by a Master D 1000 multi-technology laminator in 2020. Both machines were supplied and installed by the Bobst company.

Higher capacity and additional functions

The Nova SX 550 entered production mid-2021 and Rotomed is delighted with the performance in terms of output quality and productivity. Machine operators were also quick to take control of the operation of the integrated SEI laser cutting unit, which is installed on the machine’s bridge, to produce in a single flow in-register windowed packaging, a new type of application for Rotomed.


“We have started producing conventional windowed packaging on the SX 550 but we are also developing a brand-new paper wrap with Class A recyclability that will soon enter the market and is compliant with worldwide recyclability standards”, said Corrado Loreto

Their Master D 1000 is a multi-technology machine that was specified with all trolley types to cater to Rotomed’s extended range of products – gravure, solventless, semi-flexo, cold seal, and the flexo trolley which the company specially appreciates

Summing up the impact that the two Bobst machines have had so far for their laminating operations, Vittorino Loreto said: “We have improved the production speed and doubled the production capacity for basically all the segments we serve. Most particularly we have recorded a 100% increase in coffee packaging production. We are making strides in our export markets with more products than before, and the capabilities of the SX 550 and the Master D1 000 are enabling production of a wider range of products, such as cold seal coating and aluminium lacquering”.

Flexible packaging from Sicily

Rotomed was established in 1999 when the private ownership of Cielle Imballaggi – whose experience in manufacturing packaging materials dates to 1956 with the opening of an extrusion plant of polyethylene films with flexo printing – decided to enter in the laminated packaging market with rotogravure printing. With operations spread over two plants and 140 personnel, the Group specializes in the production of gravure and flexo printed flexible packaging (both laminated and single layer) and roll-fed label material, with both conventional and eco-friendly film packaging structures developed in-house and FSC certified paper. The core business is food and beverage packaging, alongside non-food production in the tissue, disposable, detergent, and pet food sectors.