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New doctor blade for gravure printing

New doctor blade for gravure printing
The new MDC Longlife Pro doctor blade was specifically designed for gravure printing applications (Source: Daetwyler SwissTec)

Gravure printers are facing great challenges. Efficiency increases and cost savings are daily topics in the pressroom.

Developed precisely to meet these requirements, the new MDC Longlife Pro high-quality doctor blade was specifically designed by Daetwyler SwissTec for gravure printing applications. All the many years of experience that the company has gained with coated doctor blades in the printing industry could be incorporated in this development. The MDC Longlife Pro achieves outstanding quality immediately without run-in times. Once the blade has been setup, the doctoring is clean and constant over the entire run length.


With the MDC Longlife Pro, Daetwyler SwissTec has managed to print consistently over the entire runtime with minimal contact pressure as well with one machine setup. This special feature results in less friction in the contact zone, which has a positive effect on chrome wear of the gravure cylinder. Further advantages of this user friendly doctor blade are excellent doctoring in full tone and half tone printing, direct doctoring without readjustments and clean and constant wiping over the entire blade life.