Gravure at your fingertips & Color Day

ERA: Gravure at your fingertips & Color Day
The basic gravure seminar “Gravure at your fingertips” and covers all aspects of gravure cylinder production (Source: ERA)

The Stuttgart Media University (HdM) is the only university in Europe which operates a complete gravure line, from cylinder preparation through to a rotogravure printing press. Hence, the cylinder preparation and gravure printing department at HdM is unique in European offering further and higher education. In the labs all aspects of gravure can be closely experienced and tried out, and the quality of all production steps can be tested with special measuring methods.

Gravure at your fingertips

From 16–18 July the basic gravure seminar “Gravure at your fingertips” takes place at Hdm. The introductory course offered here covers gravure in theory and practice, from the electro plating for copper plating of a cylinder, through surface processing and finishing, preparation of a layout and the subsequent electromechanical engraving process, to printing on several papers with different ink viscosities. Besides electromechanical engraving, all workflow processes for other modern gravure cylinder engraving procedures such as laser assisted etching and laser engraving are explained. The new developments of cylinder surfaces are touched.


All process steps are tried and tested on equipment in the cylinder preparation laboratory and in the gravure printing department. Participants will design a layout, help prepare and engrave a cylinder with it, and print it on different types of paper. These steps will be accompanied by quality control with the corresponding measuring equipment.

The course is designed to provide a practical overview of the whole process chain for employees of gravure printers, cylinder engravers and reproduction studios, from paper, substrate and ink manufacturers, and also for newcomers to the industry coming from a different field. This course does not include advanced operator training and so is not intended for the experienced technical staff from gravure printers.

The number of participants has been limited to 10 participants per course. This enables each participant to take an active “hands on” part in each production step, which will enable a better understanding of the complete process.

Color Day by GMG Academy

In this workshop, taking place 18–19 July also at the HdM, participants will explore a comprehensive overview of colour management and standardization within the realm of gravure printing. Led by experts from GMG, the German provider of colour management solutions and the gravure department of the Stuttgart Media University, the workshop will equip attendees with essential knowledge and practical skills to get print quality and colour right first time on press. Participants will learn to match digital colour targets on press accurately. They will also delve into best practices for measurement techniques, enabling them to execute precise evaluations and maintain consistency throughout the printing process.

The workshop will provide hands-on experience in print file preparation, proofing and printing, empowering participants to optimize outcomes and minimize errors. Practical exercises will focus on press profiling and thorough print evaluation. Furthermore, participants will have the opportunity to explore advanced printing techniques such as Expanded Colour Gamut (ECG) printing, unlocking new possibilities for creativity and efficiency in gravure printing.

This workshop is designed for technical staff involved in gravure printing across the production chain, offering valuable insights for improving colour management practices. Additionally, managers seeking a comprehensive understanding of the future trends in gravure printing are encouraged to participate and gain strategic insights into optimizing printing processes for enhanced efficiency and quality.

Programme and registration

Closing date for registrations for both workshops is 19 June 2024 and the language is English. For detailed information about the programme and registration please click here: